MK Barr Journal

Wondering & Wandering

"Escape with Monet" and "Escape Monet's Bedroom" games are up on both platforms now!

Apple, you made me appreciate you. :)

Developer Talk: It took about a month to get both escape games to work on Apple. I had to re-work everything and also, I never could figure out how to make it work on the ipad too. Thankfully I used Unity since it saved me a lot of the 2x, 3x stuff (you developers know what I mean). Everywhere I read that no one gets accepted into Apple on the first try, that''s what made me appreciate getting in on the first try. Do they put the word out that way so you''ll be so thankful you got accepted? Hmm.....

Regardless of all that, I'm super thankful, I adore how it turned out and it was definitely a labor of love. Here is the link to the Apple Store for the FREE DEMO version of Monet's bedroom.

I'm especially proud of the bedroom because no one has seen it similar to this since he was alive. I feel I have a good handle on his taste, since I''ve built from scratch the entire first floor from his designs and old photographs, by the time I built his bedroom.

Monet kept a priceless collection of paintings in his bedroom that included a lot of his friends like Renoir, Degas, Manet, Corot, Pissarro, Cassatt, etc. While researching, it was said that Monet got into his moods and wouldn''t leave his bedroom. I wondered if it was because he was comparing himself to his friend''s work, so I started calling it his insecure room.

The game that takes you to Claude Monet''s home in Giverny, France while he was there in the late 1800''s. If you are interested in the Android versions, please go to: Google Play Store for Snow Coral Games Thank you Stephen Hirt and Agnes Gawne for lending me your equipment. I seriously couldn''t have come close to getting this done with you both. <3 you both!!!